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Real-time analysis of your service

All the information you need to direct your e-commerce service To generate more revenue for your store is in the palm of your hands.

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Essential e-commerce analytics in two clicks

Easily manage information such as: total sold, number of questions answered, billing for responses and even have strategic insights about your products so you can sell more!

All the analysis your e-commerce needs

Graphs of: pre-sales volume, post-sales volume, quantity of sales, revenue, statistics per user, value generated in sales, percentage of responses that converted into sales, products with the most questions, best-selling products, frequency of pre-sale questions sales, frequency of after-sales messages, main reasons for complaints.


Much more than graphics

Are real-time strategic analysis capable of directing your e-commerce to increase revenue, streamline operations and retain customers. Everything a manager needs, in the palm of his hand and able access from anywhere in the world.


average increase in conversion for visitors who interact with the content in the Q&A session.


of consumers read questions and answers


of shoppers are suspicious of a product or brand without Q&A content

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Take GoBots in the palm of your hand

  • Track and control incoming questions;
  • View the performance of your service team;
  • See all the demand for service in your stores on the marketplaces.
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A complete fulfillment solution for your e-commerce

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Other features

Check out other GoBots features:


  • Demand management;
  • More efficiency;
  • Control of services.


  • Scheduled messages;
  • Respect the TMR;
  • Make your customer loyal.


  • More answers;
  • Reduction of demands;
  • More sales.


  • e-commerce platforms;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Other tools.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I access total sales through the analytics dashboard?

In the analytics dashboard, there is a section dedicated to sales metrics, where you can view the total sold in a specific period. This information can be segmented by service channel, if necessary.

Is there a way to differentiate the number of questions answered by the customer service team and by artificial intelligence?

Yes, the analytics dashboard offers a detailed view of the number of questions answered by the customer service team and artificial intelligence. This helps you evaluate the efficiency of each component in the customer service process.

How can I check the revenue generated by artificial intelligence?

In the analysis panel we have an artificial intelligence performance section, where you can analyze the revenue generated by GoBots responses. This allows you to evaluate the impact of automation on sales.

Is there a specific metric that highlights the success of responses made by the service team in relation to sales?

The success metric of the service team's responses can be evaluated through indicators such as the conversion rate after an interaction. Analyzing revenue from these interactions also provides insights into the effectiveness of customer service.

Is it possible to identify which e-commerce products receive the most questions?

Yes, the analytics dashboard provides information about specific products that generate the most questions. This is crucial for directing service resources and optimizing the customer experience.

How often is the analytics dashboard updated?

The analytics dashboard update frequency provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data. It is important to use filters at a frequency that meets the business's monitoring needs.

Does the analytics dashboard provide insights into customer behavior after interactions with the customer service team or artificial intelligence?

Yes, the GoBots analytics dashboard includes metrics on post-interaction behavior such as conversion rates, purchases made, etc. These insights help assess the impact of interactions on purchasing behavior.

Is it possible to export data from the analytics dashboard for more detailed analysis or custom reports?

Yes, the GoBots analytics dashboard allows you to export data for more detailed analysis. This makes it possible to create customized reports and integrate with other data analysis tools. The available export types are: .csv / .png and even print a certain report