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American Module

The best way for you to sell more within Americanas, Shoptime and Submarino

more productivity

Control your customer service contacts in one place.

more organization

Access all your order information.

more sale

Customer inquiries answered instantly.

Your store converting much more on Americanas Marketplace

From the simplest to the most complex questions, let our artificial intelligence sell through your store and increase your revenue.

We have a trained neural network of more than 150 million examples and an AI trained in several segments, to understand more specific questions.


Respond to Americanas Marketplaces after-sales within the GoBots Panel

Maintaining a good relationship with your customer after the sale is essential for them to return to buy from your store again and encourage other people to buy as well.

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All in one place

We collect all the information about your service that is relevant for your e-commerce to sell more at Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime.

Increase your sales turnover

Act on the SLA of your responses

Our dashboard makes it clear how much time is left to win that SAC and gives you a clear view of the orders that need your action.


Who uses and approves the GoBots Americanas Marketplace module