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#1 - Platinum App on Mercado Libre

It's time to multiply your sales

We are the only artificial intelligence for sellers on the market that increase your sales on marketplaces in record time.

Join over 500 customers who already trust us

These are the numbers of people who use GoBots’s artificial intelligence

Madeira Madeira

In the first 4 months of operation:
more than U$ 125.000 generated in sales by the AI
+290.000 messages were processed
96% of correct interactions
52% of AI answer rates

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Fast shop

In the first 16 months of operation:
more than U$ 840.000 generated in sales by the AI
+600.000 messages were processed
96% of correct interactions
44% of AI answer rates

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In the first 6 months of operation:
more than U$ 10.000 generated in sales by the AI
+175.000 messages were processed
92% of correct interactions
42% of AI answer rates

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What is GoBots?

We are a technology company who provides better solutions for marketplace sellers who envision leveraging their sales.

We use cutting-edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence to drive sales through questions and answers that optimize all customer service, making your operation more agile and profitable.

Why should we acquire GoBots?

We don't stop here!

We have the best solutions.

Artificial intelligence
Absence messages
Productivity reports
Mercado Libre Platinum Partner
All marketplaces in the same dashboard
Multiple Accounts
Status messages
Customized SLA for each marketplace
Multiple users

Optimize your results using our artificial intelligence

Find out how we do it


of people do NOT complete their purchases and we found the solution!

165MM Sales
+500 stores
150MM Phrases

Integrated with the biggest marketplaces


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Where are we?

Present in more than 500 stores in 8 different countries, GoBots is the ideal solution to leverage sales on marketplaces.


The next store to raise their sales by more than 80% could be yours.

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