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Artificial intelligence for e-commerce

We help your e-commerce grow with more scale and efficiency

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How GoBots Work

To get started, you only need 3 steps
1. Connect your stores

Connect as many stores as you have in the marketplaces on our panel and make the initial settings together with our team of e-commerce specialists.

2. Monitor AI responses

Watch the responses given by our AI, upvoting messages that were answered the way you want and downvoting those you want to improve further.

3. Automate growth

Analyze data and use our AI technology to identify new response opportunities to drive more sales. Automate routine tasks and administrative work.

Main features of GoBots

Artificial intelligence

Your customers' questions being answered in seconds, and in a humanized way, by our AI.

Absence messages

Automatic responses for when you and your team are currently unavailable


Information on number of questions, complaints, products with the most questions, and more.


Categorize the questions and messages received and track the volumes according to each categorization.


All in the palm of your hand, essential information for a more efficient management of your e-commerce.

SLA by marketplace

Everything organized according to importance and urgency so that nothing affects your reputation.

Multiple Accounts

Connect as many marketplace accounts as you want and centralize everything in one place.

Multiple users

Your entire service team with individual access and a single panel to respond in marketplaces.


Create your own shortcuts to respond to the customer faster or use the ones already available by GoBots.

Created to help you sell more

Measurable results from the #1 artificial intelligence e-commerce solution on the market


is the increase in conversion when the buyer interacts with a Q&A (Question and Answer) content.


of online shoppers are less likely to buy a product if there are no Questions and Answers (Q&A). The number grows to 33% when we consider Gen Z.


of adult shoppers say they are more likely to abandon their cart if they can't find a quick answer to their question.

Integrated with the biggest

Are GoBots right for me?

Boost sales and have 100% control of your service

How does the GoBots solution help me serve and sell more?

GoBots' visual dashboard makes it much easier to manage the service of all marketplaces, as it allows you to track questions, complaints, identify opportunities, measure important activities, optimize the sales flow and focus on your customer's shopping experience.

Automatic settings and the use of artificial intelligence increase your productivity, eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Real-time reports show area managers which service processes should be prioritized.

Our customers reduce, on average, 72% the average response time on marketplaces in the first 3 months, thanks to our artificial intelligence.


see in practice

GoBots is the most user-friendly and cost-effective solution on the market.

Are GoBots suitable for large e-commerces?

Yes! GoBots artificial intelligence solution serves both small e-commerces and large corporations.

We help larger service teams increase their efficiency when interacting with customers with AI features like SLA by marketplace, status messages, away messages, tags and more.

Their service teams also have a dedicated account manager, whose role is to help them get the most out of GoBots, onboard new members and guide them on best e-commerce service practices.

Many of our business customers were able to increase sales and expand generated revenue by more than 40%.

Intelligence frequently asked questions
artificial for e-commerce

What is artificial intelligence?

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How does artificial intelligence help my e-commerce?

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What is the difference between chatbot and artificial intelligence?

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Can I customize the responses the AI ​​will respond to?

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