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Artificial Intelligence for Mercado Libre

The best way for you to sell more within Meli

more sale

Your customers' questions answered instantly in your ML ads.

more productivity

Control your MercadoLibre SAC contacts in a single place.

More agility

Access all your Meli order information within the GoBots Dashboard.


Convert your questions into sales on Meli

In addition to automatically answering your customers' questions within Mercado Livre, it brings several features so that your attendants can respond better and faster.

There are more than 11 million products cataloged for Artificial Intelligence to consult and respond in the most humanized way possible on Marketplaces.

Your store converting much more on Mercado Livre

From the simplest to the most complex questions, let our artificial intelligence sell through your store and increase your revenue.

We have a trained neural network of over 150 million examples and more than 50 bots, specialists in different segments, to understand more specific questions.


Increase the performance of your service team in ML

Get access to the performance of your service team compared to artificial intelligence and see how much it directly contributes to your billing within Mercado Livre.

Serve your customers in After Sales with GoBots

Maintaining a good relationship with your customer after the sale, especially within Mercado Livre, is essential for them to return to buy again at your store and encourage other people to buy as well.

after sales free market
complaints page

Respond to customer complaints

Offer support and resolve complaints opened by your customers within Mercado Livre in a much more agile way. This way, you can increase your store's reputation even more.

Access everything in one place

We collect all the information about your service that is relevant for your e-commerce to sell more on the marketplaces and compile it into dashboards and complete reports so that you can address possible points for internal improvement.


#1 - Platinum App on Mercado Libre

We are a Platinum Partner solution on Mercado Libre, the ultimate platform certification!

Who uses and approves GoBots


It's time to multiply your sales

We are the only artificial intelligence solution for e-commerces on the market that scales your sales on Mercado Livre in record time.