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There are countless indicators that make the owner of the e-commerce look for a consultancy.

And here in this content we are going to list some of them.

We will also list 4 benefits of the importance of hiring a consultancy specializing in e-commerce.

So, let's go to the indicators that you may be going through and you wouldn't need to face them without help.

low conversion rate

If you're seeing low conversions compared to website traffic, it could indicate that there are issues with the design, navigation or user experience on your website.

If this also occurs in marketplaces, check whether the description is consistent with the advertised product, whether all the information the customer needs to buy is easy to see, among other essential information for the customer to make the purchase.

A tip that is golden for any product page is the presence of questions and answers.

After all, maybe you don't know, but the rate of increase in conversion when the buyer interacts with a Q&A (Question and Answer) content is 157%.

That is, it is something that can solve your problem with the conversion rate both in your e-commerce, using our Q&A module, such as in the marketplace through our artificial intelligence acting as a seller for your e-commerce.

High bounce rate

Through Google Analytics installed in your e-commerce, it is literally easy to identify whether this indicator is high or not.

We've already indicated that all of Google's tools can be amazing tools to help you make decisions, from changing your page layout to reduce your bounce rate to cutting prices if you see price as an issue.

If your e-commerce bounce rate is high, that is, if many visitors are leaving your site soon after arriving, this could indicate problems with usability or with the relevance of the products offered.

Low customer satisfaction

If you're getting a lot of negative feedback from unhappy customers, it's time to analyze the causes and implement changes to improve the customer experience.

Are your attendants responding in a timely manner, without generating disappointment or even insecurities due to the delay in responding?

Are you dispatching orders placed on the same day or taking more than 48 hours to dispatch?

This all interferes with the performance of your e-commerce, as well as with sales within marketplaces.

Therefore, this indicator can demonstrate that it is time to hire a consultancy for your e-commerce.

After all, it will guide you to, for example, solve your customer service problem by hiring an artificial intelligence solution like ours.

In addition to giving you several insights and implementing processes so that you can serve your customer in an incredible way at all stages of the purchase.

logistic problems

Here is an indicator that most of those who sell on marketplaces suffer without having a support consultancy.

Either because shipping is too expensive, or because of delay in delivery, or because of the delivery period that makes the e-commerce sell less.

So if you're experiencing issues with product delivery or order processing, it could actually hurt customer satisfaction and damage your brand image.

And certainly a consultancy can help identify the causes and implement solutions to these problems.

A good example is the implementation of tools that calculate freight rates for different carriers, such as Best Shipping.

And within marketplaces, using their own delivery can also be the solution, such as Mercado Envios, Magalu Deliveries, etc.

But certainly all of this a consultancy could help you in a much more strategic and personalized way according to the needs of your e-commerce.

It's time to let our artificial intelligence answer for your store in Mercado Livre!

Now, it's time to talk about the benefits of hiring a consultancy specializing in e-commerce.

Well, you can be sure that hiring a consultancy, regardless of the moment your e-commerce is at, can bring several benefits.

Here below we will list some of them.

experience and knowledge

Consultants specialized in e-commerce, such as VVS Consulting who is a certified MercadoLibre consultant has experience and in-depth knowledge in several areas related to e-commerce.

Such as, for example, digital marketing, inventory and logistics management, conversion optimization, among countless others.

Identification of opportunities

A consultancy, such as plumbing, can help you identify opportunities to streamline operations and maximize sales.

All of this through data analysis, A/B testing and other techniques that the entire consulting team monitors on a daily basis.

Especially because the biggest interest of the consultant, who specializes in e-commerce, is that your store sells more and more.

Error reduction

You don't have to go through everything alone and you don't have to make the same mistake that other people make on a daily basis when selling online.

A consultancy can help to avoid common mistakes made by companies that are starting in e-commerce, such as:

  • Lack of an effective marketing plan;
  • Logistic problems;
  • Wrong pricing;
  • Bad service;
  • Among others.


An e-commerce specialist consultancy can offer customized solutions for the specific needs of each business, considering its particularities and objectives.

An example of this is that in the case of VVS Consultoria, you can speak directly with Vinicius by clicking here.

Focus on results

A consultancy can help define clear goals and monitor results over time to ensure that the implemented strategies are generating the desired results.

After all, you don't want to be skating online sales, do you?

Hire VVS consulting right now via WhatsApp by clicking here.

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