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You came here wanting to know how to have a good exposure on Mercado Livre, but before that we need to teach you how ad ranking works.

The platform's ad ranking algorithms are nothing more than the calculation made by the system that determines which ad is most relevant to appear first in product searches.

There are a number of ways you can use this algorithm to your advantage, particularly to help with the health of your ads.

That's why we developed this text to help you identify and understand the health level of your ads and help you improve your ranking in the marketplace.

To facilitate understanding and inform advertisers, Mercado Livre defines the health status of ads in 3 categories

  • HEALTHY (Best ad exposure);
  • WARNING (Risk of losing exposure);
  • UNHEALTHY (No exposure / Lost exposure).

It's time to multiply your sales

But, after all, what do these categories actually mean and most importantly, how can you improve the health of your ad and achieve the long-awaited Healthy?

Healthy is the best exposure for your ad, it always appears in the first search results and is therefore more likely to convert sales.

Then we have the Warning, which, as the name implies, requires attention, as your ad's health is likely to be at risk of losing exposure and consequently reducing your sales.

Your ad goes into warning after complaints and cancellations and can be reverted to Healthy, after a period without these offenders.

Unhealthy is when your ad no longer has exposure, that is, it does not appear in customer searches.

GOLD TIP: When your ad reaches the UNHEALTHY point, we recommend creating another replacement ad, but without deleting the old one, as it contains important metrics for you and your management.

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