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You've probably heard that robots will dominate the world in a few years, right?

But you can rest assured, because here at GoBots we use artificial intelligence to help you with e-commerce service processes, making your day to day easier and converting more sales.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) answers consumer questions in 10 seconds, has more than 11 million products cataloged and a trained neural network with more than 120 million examples, in addition to having more than 50 expert robots that interact with each other to answer more specific questions.

And thanks to the research teams that work at Unicamp and FAPESP, we were able to develop AI interactions to meet the demands of online stores.

And the newest one we call product compatibility.

It's time to multiply your sales

Compatibility helps stores that sell automotive parts, machines and other segments.

Many of the doubts that customers have in this type of product is whether it will fit into the other one they already have.

Based on data extracted from the store's own database in responses previously given by the attendant, the robot is able to respond to the information and assist in the process of selling that product.

If you still don't know this interaction and want to implement it in your Mercado Livre store, contact our team in the channels below to receive a consultancy, so we will understand how we can evolve with AI in your business.

Get in touch by email [email protected] and follow our social networks: Facebook , LinkedIn e Instagram.

The next store to increase sales by over 80% could be yours

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