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With street commerce closed due to the spread of Covid-19, to reduce the losses generated by the crisis, the solution found by entrepreneurs have been e-commerce platforms.

Many merchants still do not have virtual stores and also do not know how technologies combined with the online sales system can increase sales.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way companies deal with their audiences.

The “sales robots” are available to consumers 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

According to Victor Hochgreb de Freitas, CEO of GoBots, automated service is already a reality and can contribute even more to those who want to open or already have an online store.

“The efficiency of service with chatbots has made large e-commerce retailers, such as Fast Shop, a network specialized in technology products, adopt virtual service as the main interface for communication with their customers”, he says.

Artificial intelligence robots allow training of a wide repertoire of responses.

In addition, with technology it is possible to ask questions about products, indicate items and offer discounts.

Therefore, companies use the system to serve customers and simplify sales processes.

“The investment fits in the pocket of large, medium and small entrepreneurs. It is worth remembering that chatbots can help increase online sales conversion by up to 30%”, guarantees Victor.

It's time to multiply your sales

See 4 advantages when using “sales robots”:


With the use of chatbots it is possible to help countless people at the same time and send thousands of messages a day.

They can resolve most requests and direct the customer to an agent only in special cases.

Thus, they reduce waiting time and the risk of making customers impatient.


Chatbots are capable of processing a large amount of information and, therefore, allow you to personalize service and make customers more satisfied.

For example: if the customer wants a product with very specific characteristics, the software is capable of carrying out a search in a few seconds.

“The sales robot can quickly filter products by size, color, style, price, among others”, he explains.


As a helper in an online store, a chatbot can send personalized offers to users, allow specific searches according to the product category, measure customer satisfaction with the website, among other possibilities.


Another advantage of chatbots for e-commerce is the increase in sales, after all, with an instant personalized and comfortable service, many people feel motivated to close the purchase.

In addition, through the chatbot, you can also create personalized marketing strategies, such as being able to boost the qualification of leads – potential customers interested in your company.


Since 2016 on the market, GoBots automates online sales processes. Young and innovative, the startup has more than 130 customers and offers several solutions to improve the shopping experience, in addition to helping shopkeepers sell more and more.

Through artificial intelligence, the company makes very advanced technology accessible, which promises to increasingly revolutionize e-commerce.

With a “Seller Robot”, the startup enables e-commerces and marketplaces to serve customers quickly and fully automatically – which can help increase online sales conversion by more than 30%.

In 2019, GoBots was one of those selected to participate in the Start-Up Chile Acceleration Program – the largest accelerator in Latin America and one of the 10 largest in the world.

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