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If you sell online, you should be familiar with the moderations on Mercado Livre and how much of a headache it is to resolve them.

Here in this content you will see how Mercado Libre moderations work and learn once and for all how to escape them.

Mercado Libre Moderations

Mercado Libre moderations happen when the seller advertises a product that does not comply with any of the sales policies they preach.

Some that we will cover here are:

  • Place personal data in the advertisement;
  • Keep ads inactive;
  • Advertise products in a different condition than reality;
  • Advertise in the wrong category;
  • Advertise prohibited products;
  • Have duplicate ads;
  • Use low quality photos;
  • Violate intellectual property rights.

Remembering that infractions can have different consequences due to the proportion that occurs, as well as the severity of the error.

So let's go to them.

Put personal data in the ad

The entire sales operation takes place within Mercado Livre, and it is unnecessary for you to put your personal data or bank details in the advertisement made.

This is a method that guarantees security for both the buyer user and the selling store.

Therefore, do not include information such as document number, telephone, email, addresses, bank details and links in any part of your ad.

This rule applies to title, description, photos, and especially in questions and answers.

Keep ads inactive

This moderation is light.

After all, it only happens if your ads are out of date and have no activity.

The consequence of this is that your ads will be disabled to be reviewed.

Advertise products in a different condition than reality

If your store sells both new and used products, it's important to advertise correctly so you don't fall into this moderation.

After all, Mercado Livre values ​​the trust between both sides.

And that's why, in case you don't comply with the reliable ad the real situation of the product, this can guarantee you a penalty.

This penalty can even lead to a suspension of your account.

Therefore, never try to offer a used product as if it were new and vice versa.

It's time to let our artificial intelligence take care of your store at Mercado Livre

Advertise in the wrong category

If you are selling strollers, your ad cannot of course be in the Vehicles category.

So to avoid getting a moderator from MercadoLibre, make sure the title and the first photo are related to the chosen category.

Plus, you're more likely to sell your products when they're in the right category.

Advertise banned products

This moderation is public information of Mercado Livre and that many sellers do not pay attention to it.

The Mercado Libre has a list of items that cannot be sold on the marketplace, either for its own policies or to comply with laws in force in Brazil.

Therefore, if someone tries to sell a banned product, they cancel the ad and may even penalize the account with temporary or permanent suspensions.

Have duplicate ads

A lot of people use this practice to sell more and just change the ad title to rank the ad better in different user searches.

So does that mean it's against the rules?

Not really and here's an example of what Mercado Livre understands as a duplicate item.

Let's say you want to sell a t-shirt model in different colors and sizes, but with the same price and delivery time.

If you create different ads for each variation of this same t-shirt model, Mercado Livre considers them to be duplicates and disables them, keeping only the ad with the highest exposure.

And in case your product has more colors or different sizes, the ideal is to use the variations that Mercado Livre itself allows and even indicates that you use.

Remember, if you want to offer the same product with different shipping or payment methods, you can create more than one ad.

Use low quality photos

This is an unacceptable infraction these days, given the quality of the cameras that are found on our cell phones.

First, photos are the showcase for your ads.

However, if the images are not within the quality standard, Mercado Livre simply pauses or decreases the exposure of your ads that are infringing this rule.

So, not to fall into this moderation, just make sure that the first photo has a white background and that the other images are well lit.

Violate intellectual property rights

Many do not know, but Mercado Livre uses artificial intelligence to guarantee the legitimacy of all items advertised by its sellers.

Therefore, do not offer products that are counterfeit or that infringe the rights of other brands.

After all, it is expressly prohibited to advertise items that are branded by other companies and that were not manufactured or authorized by their owners.

Thus, as Mercado Livre does not allow an ad to cite the name of other brands to describe a product.

For example: Replica Stanley Cup or Similar Stanley Cup.

It is worth noting that, to help sellers protect their intellectual property, the platform offers a Brand Protection Program.

And remember that when your ad falls into moderation on Mercado Libre, it is classified as follows:

  • Inactive: occurs when the ad is canceled, making it impossible to reactivate it;
  • Inactive to review: the ad is paused and the seller must correct the error to reactivate it;
  • Asset Loss of Exposure: The ad starts to appear less in search results. Just correct the infraction to regain visibility.

How do I know if my ad has fallen into moderation on MercadoLibre?

All changes that are made to your ads, whether via the integrator platform or manually, MercadoLibre notifies the user by e-mail.

So, if you have a moderation issue, you'll receive an email with the reasons for moderation and guidance on what you should do to get your ad running again.

At the same time, it is possible to see a moderation within Mercado Livre, in the list of announcements.

In the line of each advertised product, you can see the status and select the option “I need help”, in the 3 dots.

As well as if you detect some of these slips, this is the best time to correct them and avoid penalties.

And speaking of penalties, below we will list two that can greatly interfere with your sales.

2 Types of Penalties in the Mercado Libre

If you don't want to be penalized in the free market, we strongly advise you not to do two things:

  • Delete inactive ad questions;
  • Not respecting the TMR (average response time).

Let's go to the first item:

Delete inactive ad questions

The response time considered tolerable so as not to affect your reputation is to respond within 1 hour if the ad is active.

But if you are going to inactivate that ad it is important to delete the question received before taking the action and leave the question as unanswered.

After all, the moment you inactivate your ad, you will no longer be able to answer any open questions linked to it.

Later, if you don't delete the question and reactivate that ad, the average response time will count from when you deactivated the ad.

Yes, that's exactly what happens, which directly interferes with the drop in your reputation and consequently in the drop in the ranking of all your ads.

Not respecting the TMR (average response time)

During business hours, from 9 am to 18 pm from Monday to Friday, Mercado Livre requires the seller to respond within one hour so as not to lose exposure.

In the night period is where the earning potential is if you use our tool, for example.

Well, it is at night, when there is no time requirement from Mercado Livre, that it treats in a meritocratic way those sellers who respond in less time and maintain a lower average time in response rates.

Making them better positioned than the competition in the search for Mercado Livre users, especially at night, when most people are at home and making their purchases.

In short, I hope this content will help you go further and make your store sell more.

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