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Mercado Livre is the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America and for the number of sellers that are there, it is essential to become professional in order to sell more and better.

You can acquire part of this professionalization by hiring an officially certified consultant.

Mercado Livre works as an ecosystem, in which it is very important to understand comprehensively the functioning of the different elements, their interrelationships and the rules that govern it.

The consultant will help you learn everything about the ecosystem and will accompany you in the process so that you can expand your product offering, improve your level of service and stand out in the categories in which you participate, with a focus on the sustainability of your business, without losing sight of its profitability.

Through continuous training on the fundamentals, good practices and news that the platform undergoes and close monitoring of the movement of your account, we seek to professionalize your team and management.

It's time to let our artificial intelligence answer for your store in Mercado Livre!

By designing a personalized plan and executing it with an agile approach, we work with you on the fundamental pillars to leverage your business on the Marketplace, which are:

  1. Party
  2. Transit
  3. Service
  4. Scalability

As you are not alone in Mercado Livre, it is essential that you develop a tempting offer that sets you apart.

For this, we work mainly on the quality of its publications, on the analysis of its competing categories and on its pricing.

Next you will need to drive traffic to your posts.

To make it easier, we help you invest effectively in advertising (PADs), enter into commercial campaigns and adopt ecosystem tools that improve your positioning (Premium, Flex, Full and others).

After attracting your potential buyers, your next goal is to close the sale and ensure a great customer experience so they buy from you again.

For this, we help you to guarantee an excellent service, strengthening your pre-sales and post-sales.

Finally, to continue increasing your sales and achieving a sustainable business over time, we accompany you in the process so that you incorporate tools that help you automate and gain scale, such as management systems and integrators.

Your business on Mercado Livre can be relevant, sustainable and, above all, profitable.

Our partner Bitácora is ready to help you achieve it!

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