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This month we brought a lot of news to make your service even more optimized on Mercado Livre.

So get ready, we'll list them one by one below so you can stay up to date with everything 🙂

1- Observe the quick responses when serving your customers. 

It is now possible to see the quick responses you have set up for your store in the tab on the side when answering your customers' questions, both pre-sales and post-sales. 

This means that your service team can be much more agile when it comes to answering questions about your ads within the marketplace.


2- Set as default selected “All” stores 

Now you have the possibility to set “All” stores as default in the Home panel. 

That way, you can view the results of all your stores in the centralized marketplaces in just one place.  

This makes your team able to generate insights to further improve its performance in Mercado Livre.

image (44)

3- Export the best selling products in CSV

As we already said: What is not measured cannot be improved!

And it is based on this that we now have the possibility to extract the results of 4 new graphs in CSV (products with more questions, value generated in sales, percentage of responses and best-selling products).

Making it possible to visualize the quantity of item sold, the price, the total amount that was obtained and how many questions were converted by GoBots. 🙂


4- Link to the “Sale Made” button 

If you want to be sure if that question was converted into sales, you can now see the “Sale Made” button on your customers’ questions. 

And to make managing your sales even easier, this button will take you to the after-sales tab, further streamlining the process of communicating your store with your customer. 


5- Notice that your complaint is in Mediation by Mercado Livre

You know that complaint that's keeping you up at night? 

Rest assured, now within our panel a notice will appear in the chat when your complaint is in Mediation by Mercado Livre. \O/

See the step by step below:


6- Reformulation of Automatic Messages

Auto Messaging has a new look! 😍

Now, when configuring your automatic messages, you have access to a more optimized and fluid screen. 


7- Filters by specific dates and period in pre-sales 

Have you ever needed to filter a specific period of your ads questions to generate some kind of report for your store within the marketplaces?

Well, now on the GoBots dashboard you can filter by the period you want on the pre-sales screen. 

This helps your team to have much more agility when consulting about the questions received by your e-commerce. 


8- GoBots Response Settings (Mark as resolved).

Your platform configured the way you want it!

This is a novelty for some and for others not so much, after all this has always been on our panel.

Here there is the possibility of not marking the questions as solved even if GoBots answers.

To configure it, just go to after-sales settings, next to the message filter, and configure the three vertical dots.

Here below we show a step by step in a quick video.


American Panel

(only available in Brazil)


1- Advanced filters in Pre-Sales

Within the pre-sales of the Americanas Marketplace module, it is now possible to filter by SAC update date, making the performance of your service team even more agile.


2- Shortcuts popup in the Americanas Marketplace Panel 

Configure @shortcuts to act on your store within the GoBots panel.

With this, your team of attendants can be much more agile in answering the specific questions of your customers at Americanas.

image (45)

So did you like the improvements?

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