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I've been reading a lot about the power of women in society and what they often go through in a relationship.

I know that all women have lived or will live uncomfortable situations for being in abusive relationships one day.

And in most of these situations, they lower their heads because they understand that the other person is to blame for being that way.

Due to the proliferation of machismo from generation to generation, we women have been taught to accept any form of abuse since we were born, whether psychological or physical, and it takes a long time to understand that it can and should be different.

The other day, while reading a book on female empowerment, I learned more about a short story called “The Bluebeard”.

Bluebeard called himself a failed magician and used that argument to win a girl's heart.

She, being young and inexperienced, believed everything he told her, and decided to give herself in marriage.

At the first opportunity, Bluebeard said that he would go out for a while and gave the keys to the castle to his beloved, and said:

“You can do whatever you want during these days when I'm gone. You can open all doors and pantry, but don't use that little key.

“Okay, I'll do what you say,” she replied.

But this young woman felt in her heart that she must unlock the mystery of the key.

What was her husband hiding behind that door that she wasn't supposed to know?

After listening to her intuition so much, she decided to find the door.

He searched the entire castle, and only one remained that had not yet been opened, the one in the cellar.

She was afraid of what this decision might result in, but most of all she was determined to see it through.

Upon opening the door, she discovered that her husband had murdered every woman he had ever lived with and that she would probably be next.

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He returned from a trip and she tried to hide what had happened, but he soon realized that something was wrong with her behavior and attacked her.

But thankfully that's not the end of the story, she was faster than him and denounced her deeds to her family, who supported and saved the young girl from that man's predatory attack.

Unfortunately, many of these horrible crimes of abuse against a woman happen when she discovers her strength, and that's when her partner, if you can even call him that, decides to take revenge and tarnish the woman's reputation.

Making her believe that the fact that she opened the door to the relationship and discovered that it was no longer her fault was her fault.

Know that even if you don't have a support network that can rid you of this predator, today technology can help you.

Searching the topic on the internet I found the, which is an artificial intelligence that frees women from online violence, such as: non-consensual sharing of intimate images (the so-called “revenge pornography”), harassment, sextortion, among others.

Na you will find tips, for example, on preserving evidence and resources such as the contact for Mapa do Acolhimento, a platform that connects women who have suffered gender violence to a network of volunteer psychologists and lawyers.

For those who choose “Learn More”, the bot will offer content for those who want to help promote a welcoming internet, as well as tips to help women stay safe, including information on how to use the tools available to report problems on platforms like Facebook. and Google.

Run away from the relationship that doesn't allow you to live as yourself, it's abusive.

And never forget that you are not alone in this cause!

If you need help, you can also count on me and the entire GoBots team.


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