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The answer assistant that makes you sell more

In addition to our artificial intelligence, count on a solution created especially to speed up customer decision-making and respond even more and better to your customers and future customers.

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Prepared for all types of e-commerce

A support team assistant who uses other previously answered questions and product information to suggest new answers that tend to convert many more sales.


average increase in conversion for visitors who interact with the content in the Q&A session.


of consumers read questions and answers


of shoppers are suspicious of a product or brand without Q&A content

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Take GoBots in the palm of your hand

  • Track and control incoming questions;
  • View the performance of your service team;
  • See all the demand for service in your stores on the marketplaces.
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A complete fulfillment solution for your e-commerce

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Other features

Check out other GoBots features:


  • e-commerce platforms;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Other tools.


  • Essential graphics;
  • Performance visualization;
  • More targeting.


  • Demand management;
  • More efficiency;
  • Control of services.


  • Scheduled messages;
  • Respect the TMR;
  • Make your customer loyal.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the response assistant work to provide support to customers?

Answer Assistant uses artificial intelligence to analyze customer questions and automatically provide answers. He is trained to understand common queries and offer answers that tend to convert more sales.

What service channels does the response assistant support?

The response assistant can be integrated into different service channels, such as marketplaces: Mercado Livre, Casas Bahia, Americanas, as well as in your own e-commerce in stores created through VTEX, Shopify or Loja Integrada platforms.

Is the response assistant customizable to meet the specific needs of my e-commerce?

Yes, because it is an assistant and it makes suggestions, the response assistant allows customization to reflect the language, policies and peculiarities of your e-commerce, ensuring responses aligned with the brand identity.

How does the answer wizard handle complex questions or non-standard situations?

The Answer Assistant is designed to handle common questions and routine tasks. For complex or non-standard situations, you can make suggestions so that our artificial intelligence acts on these issues appropriately.

Can I train the response assistant to better understand my customers' specific needs?

Yes, it is possible to train the response assistant based on data specific to your e-commerce to improve the accuracy, conversion and relevance of responses over time.

Can the response assistant be integrated with my inventory and order management system?

Yes, the response assistant is integrated into your e-commerce, having access to information about your stock and orders so that it provides real-time information about product availability, order status, among others.

What performance metrics can I track to evaluate the effectiveness of the Answer Assistant?

Metrics such as reduction in the volume of queries for the human team are key indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of the response assistant.

Does the answer wizard support multiple languages?

Yes, our response assistant is currently capable of understanding and responding in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English, which is crucial for serving a diverse customer base.