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Efficiency and Personalization: Transform the Shopping Experience with AI

Reduce costs, increase profits, this is the best time for you to automate your service with artificial intelligence that goes far beyond ChatGPT.

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Use Artificial Intelligence in your E-commerce

Your customers are responded to in seconds and you can increase your sales by up to 80% on marketplaces.


Convert your questions into sales

In addition to automatically answering your customers' questions within Mercado Livre, Casas Bahia Marketplace, Americanas Marketplace or your own e-commerce, it offers several features so that your agents can respond better and faster.

There are more than 11 million products cataloged for Artificial Intelligence to consult and respond in the most humanized way possible on Marketplaces.

Your store converting much more

From the simplest to the most complex questions, let our artificial intelligence sell through your store and increase your revenue.

We have a trained neural network of over 150 million examples and more than 50 bots, specialists in different segments, to understand more specific questions.


Increase the performance of your service team

Have access to the performance of your service team compared to artificial intelligence and see how much it directly contributes to your revenue within Mercado Livre, Casas Bahia Marketplace, Americanas Marketplace or your own e-commerce.

Serve your customers in After Sales with GoBots

Maintaining a good relationship with your customer post-sale, especially within Mercado Livre, Casas Bahia Marketplace, Americanas Marketplace or your own e-commerce, is essential for them to return to buy again and encourage other people to also buy.

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Respond to customer complaints

Offer support and resolve complaints filed by your customers within Mercado Livre, Casas Bahia Marketplace, Americanas Marketplace or your own e-commerce in a much more agile way. This way, you can further increase your store’s reputation.

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average increase in conversion for visitors who interact with the content in the Q&A session.


of consumers read questions and answers


of shoppers are suspicious of a product or brand without Q&A content

Join over 1000 customers who already trust us


Take GoBots in the palm of your hand

  • Track and control incoming questions;
  • View the performance of your service team;
  • See all the demand for service in your stores on the marketplaces.
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A complete fulfillment solution for your e-commerce

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Other features

Check out other GoBots features:


  • Demand management;
  • More efficiency;
  • Control of services.


  • Scheduled messages;
  • Respect the TMR;
  • Make your customer loyal.


  • More answers;
  • Reduction of demands;
  • More sales.


  • e-commerce platforms;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Other tools.

Do you have questions about how GoBots can help your e-commerce?

We are ready to help.

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Frequently asked questions

How can artificial intelligence help improve the customer experience in my e-commerce?

Artificial intelligence can provide instant, personalized answers to customer questions, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

What types of queries can customer service artificial intelligence handle?

Artificial service intelligence can handle a wide variety of queries, from simple questions about products in pre-sales to more complex questions about return and exchange policies in post-sales.

How is customer service artificial intelligence trained to understand and respond to customer questions?

Artificial intelligence is trained using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms with historical data from customer interactions, allowing it to learn and improve over time. In addition, we have a specialist team dedicated to the evolution of artificial intelligence that specifically serves your store.

Is it possible to customize artificial intelligence responses according to the identity and specific needs of my e-commerce?

Yes, we allow you to personalize artificial intelligence responses to reflect the language, policies and peculiarities of your e-commerce, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

How does artificial intelligence handle non-standard or complex queries?

For non-standard or complex queries, our artificial intelligence tries to answer and if it identifies that it is not 100% sure of the answer that will convert into sales, it uses the Answer Assistant to offer a human agent answer options for a future query. similar query or similar to this one. And then the question is left open for your service team to act on, either accepting the answer from the Answer Assistant or suggesting another so that the AI ​​can respond automatically next time.

Can artificial intelligence be integrated with other systems and tools that we use in our e-commerce?

Yes, our artificial intelligence offers integrations with various systems and tools, such as: Mercado Livre, Mercado Shops, Amazon, Americanas Marketplace, Casas Bahia Marketplace, VTEX and Shopify, ensuring an integrated and efficient experience.


#1 - Platinum App on Mercado Libre

We are a Platinum Partner solution on Mercado Libre, the ultimate platform certification!

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“For our website, it is very important to have a mechanism to answer our customers' questions about the products. The GoBots software allows us to interact and answer our users' queries and increase our sales conversion, all in a quick and easy way! We are very satisfied with the platform and with the partnership.”

PedroAuto Equip E-Commerce Manager