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Self-service menu to facilitate your operation

Use our post-sales self-service menu to filter and reduce the demands that your service team receives daily.

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Prepared for all types of e-commerce

An assistant to the customer service team who is capable of resolving the most common post-sales queries such as: delivery/shipping forecast, invoice, purchase cancellation, change of address, exchange/return, tracking code and much more.


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Take GoBots in the palm of your hand

  • Track and control incoming questions;
  • View the performance of your service team;
  • See all the demand for service in your stores on the marketplaces.
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A complete fulfillment solution for your e-commerce

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Other features

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  • e-commerce platforms;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Other tools.


  • Essential graphics;
  • Performance visualization;
  • More targeting.


  • Demand management;
  • More efficiency;
  • Control of services.


  • Scheduled messages;
  • Respect the TMR;
  • Make your customer loyal.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the self-service menu for delivery/shipping forecast work?

The self-service menu provides estimated delivery/shipping information, allowing customers to automatically view details about the status of their orders without the need for human intervention.

Is it possible to access information about the invoice through the self-service menu?

Yes, the self-service menu provides options for customers to access invoice-related information such as invoice number, amounts, and other relevant details.

How can customers use the self-service menu to request to cancel a purchase?

The self-service menu may include a specific option to request a purchase cancellation, with clear guidance on the process and necessary requirements.

Does the self-service menu include instructions for changing the delivery address?

Yes, your store must offer customers in the self-service menu information and instructions on how to change the delivery address after the purchase has been made.

What options are available in the self-service menu to request a product exchange or return?

The self-service menu can offer specific options to request the exchange or return of a product, with guidance on the steps to be followed and the deadlines established by your e-commerce.

Is it possible to track the order using the tracking code in the self-service menu?

Yes, in the self-service menu your e-commerce can allow customers to enter or view the tracking code to automatically track the status and location of their orders.

Does the self-service menu support different languages ​​to serve a diverse customer base?

Just like our platform, your e-commerce can configure the self-service menu in English, Spanish or Portuguese, ensuring an inclusive experience for customers from different backgrounds.

How are interactions in the self-service menu monitored to improve its effectiveness?

GoBots offers analytics tools to monitor self-service menu interactions, enabling continuous adjustments and improvements based on usage metrics.