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Use tags to operate efficiently

The best way to map all the demands related to each problem that your service team had to deal with in a given period.

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Find out about each problem that arose during a given period, such as: how many calls were opened related to defects, regrets, delays, order customization in a specific month.


average increase in conversion for visitors who interact with the content in the Q&A session.


of consumers read questions and answers


of shoppers are suspicious of a product or brand without Q&A content

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  • Track and control incoming questions;
  • View the performance of your service team;
  • See all the demand for service in your stores on the marketplaces.
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  • e-commerce platforms;
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  • Other tools.


  • Essential graphics;
  • Performance visualization;
  • More targeting.


  • More answers;
  • Reduction of demands;
  • More sales.


  • Scheduled messages;
  • Respect the TMR;
  • Make your customer loyal.

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Frequently asked questions

How can tags be used to categorize service demands?

Tags can be assigned to post-sales messages or pre-sales questions to categorize service demands. They function as labels that help you quickly identify the subject, the nature of the problem or any other relevant information.

Can I customize tags according to my business's specific needs?

Yes, the GoBots panel allows you to customize tags. This means that you can create specific tags to reflect the most relevant service categories for your e-commerce.

Is it possible to assign multiple tags to a single service demand?

Yes, in general, you can assign multiple tags to a single service demand. This provides flexibility to address multiple aspects or topics related to customer interaction.

How do tags facilitate the search and organization of service demands?

Tags make it easier to search and organize service demands by allowing conversations to be filtered based on specific categories. This speeds up finding information and improves operational efficiency.

Can tags be used to measure performance metrics such as response time and resolution?

Yes, GoBots allows you to use tags to measure performance metrics, enabling deeper analysis on response times, resolution rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

How can tags be used to personalize automatic responses or direct requests to specific teams?

You can set up automations based on tags, which means you can customize automatic responses or direct requests to specific people based on assigned tags.

Are the tags visible to customers or are they only used internally?

Tags are used internally and are not visible to customers. They serve as a team management tool and organization of service demands.

How to ensure consistency in the use of tags by different team members?

GoBots offers the possibility of standardizing and creating guidelines for the use of tags. This helps ensure consistency and makes it easier for team members to understand what each tag means.