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Save on freight management
with Best Shipping

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It's simple to use

In 3 steps, you GoBots customer can count on several shipping options
in a single system with competitive prices

Quote simultaneously with several carriers.


Compare the options and generate the shipping you want.


Ship your package and monitor the movement.

integrated carriers

Bid simultaneously with multiple carriers and manage shipments with smart tracking on an integrated platform

Integrated with numerous platforms

Some e-commerce platforms and marketplaces where Melhor Envio automates the generation of order shipping
+50 integrated platforms

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The best way for you, GoBots customer, to save on freight management. Enjoy!

multiple carriers

Get access to different carriers and shipping modalities without negotiating individual contracts

simultaneous quotes

Don't waste time consulting different carriers to find the ideal freight

Pay only for what you use

A free, fully transparent platform where you can pay by the means you receive

Automate freight generation

Connect your online store to Best Shipping and instantly generate shipping for orders