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GoBots Partnership Program

Increase your consulting billing by being a partner GoBots.


Does your consultancy manage many clients with service problems?

By being accepted to participate in the program, your consultancy increases recurring revenue by promoting GoBots, with no annual commitment, in addition to winning exclusive gifts!

We know how important your customers are to you 🤩

How does the Partnership Program work?

1. Registration

To participate, you must have a registered CNPJ and provide consultancy for e-commerces.

2. Indication

Use the nomination form available here and fill in your customer information so that our commercial team can contact you. And don't forget to select the name of your consultancy so that we can register your indication.

3. Approval

In order for the referral to be approved and become a commission, the referred client must only become a GoBots client.

4. Commission

From the first payment of your indication with GoBots, you start to receive 10% of the monthly fee paid by your client, during the period of 12 months. For this, we will request an Invoice to pay the commissions.


Grow together with GoBots


What does the consultancy gain by indicating GoBots?

  • 10% monthly fee return to the consultant, during the 12-month period;
  • Custom landing page (see page partner VVS Consultoria)
  • GoBots Partner Seal;
  • Posting on our social networks about the partnership;
  • Submission to our contact base about the partnership;
  • Insertion of the consulting logo on our partners page.

The best are with us!


Doubts? we have the answers

What does the nominated person get?

The contact indicated by the partner earns 100% exemption on the setup fee of our solution.

Can anyone apply to be a partner?

This program is exclusive to legal entities (people who have CNPJ). New registrations are analyzed manually and the deadline is up to 3 working days.

Can I promote the referral page link?

The nomination must be made manually by the partner to ensure that the form is filled in correctly with the nomination data, as well as the choice of the nominating partner. After all, for a sale to be tracked and recorded for a partner, the indicating partner choice field is mandatory.

How does GoBots know who buys with my referral?

When you fill out the form on the referral page, there is the field “Referring Partner” and after making your referral, this field will be sent along with the contact to our sales team. Soon, an indication tag is created with the name of the referring partner.

What are the review rules for a nomination to be approved?

If the person indicated by the partner becomes a GoBots customer and this represents a new customer who has purchased our services, commissioning will already be carried out from the first monthly fee paid.

How does commission payment work?

After the first payment is made by the indicated company, our team will contact you with instructions for the partner to issue an invoice for the payment of commissions. If an Invoice is not sent, the commission is available for a maximum period of 6 months after its approval. After this period, the value expires and the partner loses the right to receive it.

What should I do in case of other questions?

When you become a GoBots Partner, you will have the help of an Account Manager to accompany your entire journey. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will resolve your query.

What is an Account Manager?

Account Manager is a highly qualified GoBots professional, who is prepared to answer all your questions, in order to help you become a successful partner.