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Service is a decisive factor when the visitor makes a purchase on marketplaces, and the way you serve your customers has a direct impact on that.

Investing in the service offered is almost as important as investing in your product or service.

Um humanized care is among the main decisive points for the consumer to choose to buy in a certain store.

Consequently, poor customer service is among the top reasons for poor experiences and low customer reviews.

To help you improve your service, we have separated 5 tips that will help you not only convert more sales, but also make your communication with the customer much easier.

Have assertive communication with your customer

Assertive communication is nothing more than always seeking to have objective and noiseless communication with your customers or visitors, there are several fronts to work on, whether in training your team through workshops and lectures, which aim to instruct on the best practices of approaching a customer, as well as developing communication strategies that inform the customer about the shipping stages (sorting, shipping, transit) and even thanking them for their preference, making the customer trust your company.

Also be helpful in the after sales

What is the special importance of establishing this type of relationship with your customers also after the sale?

The answer is simple: to retain your customers!

Many retailers think that a customer's journey ends after payment confirmation or the product is shipped, but that's not quite the case, whether it's after a customer complaint, shipping question, or even updating on the shipping process steps.

Closer ties with the consumer is an extremely beneficial point for your business and also for the customer.

It's time to multiply your sales

Practice Overdelivering

overdelivering it is a technique that seeks to deliver to the customer more than he has acquired and, thus, add greater value to the purchase.

A good way to add more value to customer service is to be proactive.

A good example is sending the order tracking information to the customer before they order.

Have an objective and clear ad

Having a description of products or objective advertisements is essential so that the doubts of your visitors are considerably reduced and consequently improving your service capacity.

Make use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence to decrease the average response time, optimizing the work of your team and creating a reliable standard of information for customers, is undoubtedly the best solution to this issue.

Investing in Artificial Intelligence can be critical for you to increase your conversion rate by more than 80% and help you retain customers.

Now is the time to take advantage of all the opportunities for your business and GoBots has Artificial Intelligence tools that act in a humanized and intelligent way and will help you sell much more in different marketplaces and even in your e-commerce.

The next store to increase sales by over 80% could be yours