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The second semester for e-commerce is an intense period of many sales for those virtual stores that are preparing for events like Black Friday, for example, among many others.

After all, it is at this time that potential customers are knocking on your door, or if you prefer to say in the online market, they are accessing your website.

So if you expect to sell at this time of year in addition to your website, but also on marketplaces such as Mercado Livre, this content here is for you.

First, let's understand a little more about the numbers of a black friday and what this represents in the calendar of those who sell online.

In 2021, the turnover of all e-commerces on that date was approximately 4 billion reais, and the trend is for this number to increase year after year.

So if there's one thing that you who sell online can't miss in the second half of the year, it's actively participating in Black Friday.

Some e-commerces even point out that it is the best date of the year, even ahead of Christmas and specific dates for each niche such as Children's Day, Easter, etc.

Now you're going to tell me that you want to stay out of an opportunity like this? No chances!

That's why we've separated some tips for you to plan for a second half of many sales, as well as to have a spectacular Black Friday!

It's not just discounts

Don't think that to sell more you always need to give discounts.

After all, if you have to compromise or even give up your profit margin every time, your business in the long run will not be profitable at all and will be doomed to bankruptcy.

In view of the huge competition in the online market, as well as changes in consumer behavior, your operation needs to pay attention to several details beyond a simple discount.

Therefore, be careful from creating your ad to shipping your product, as well as after sales.

Even because, people are already used to Black Friday promotions and expect significant discounts.

So, to attract and retain these buyers, it's important to invest time to ensure that your operation is ready for the date, in addition to focusing only on reducing the price of your product compared to the competition.

More reputation equals more sales on black friday

If you think you're going to set up a store during Black Friday in the free market and think it's going to sell millions, you're very wrong.

As much as Mercado Livre is an incredible gateway for consumers, they are looking for confidence and assurance that they will receive the purchased product.

After all, trust is one of the main buying factors, and Mercado Livre is no different.

To give you an idea, 46% of consumers stop buying because they don't trust the company, according to a survey conducted by All In together with Opinion Box.

Given this, it is evident that having a good reputation on Mercado Livre is the way to have many sales.

Therefore, to reach the green of the thermometer within Mercado Livre, prevent delays in your shipments, avoid canceling your sales and be careful with the number of complaints.

It's time to let our artificial intelligence take care of your store at Mercado Livre

Good service makes you sell more

Response speed can be the key for you to unlock your sales and pass the competition.

After all, who likes to ask a question in an ad, or send a question on WhatsApp from the store and it takes more than a day to respond?

Have a solution like gobots which responds automatically and within 2 minutes may be the best way for you to sell more not only on Black Friday, but also throughout the year.

Caring for customer service and ensuring an excellent consumer experience can be the guarantee of loyalty for future recurring purchases by that person.

So, answer all customer questions by being friendly using greetings and goodbyes and even including the buyer's name.

And if you need to automate all of this, gaining speed and performance in both pre-sales and post-sales, count on GoBots and all our tools such as: away message, greeting, signature, artificial intelligence to do it for you.

No stock, no free market sales

One of the most important tips we have here is the basis of the principle: “the obvious needs to be said”.

Having stock is essential for you to sell, this is no secret to anyone.

Therefore, for you to sell more, you need to prepare in advance to have products ready for delivery, especially those Curve A products, using the principle of Curve A, B, C.

Start by making a survey of all the products you have available, as well as those that sell the most, to ensure that they are not out of stock in the middle of black friday.

Don't forget to also check those "Zika" products, those products that don't sell at all and that are stuck just taking up space in the stock, so that on that date you can do some special action to "burn the stock" and get them out of stock. there.

After all, idle inventory is lost money.

And to finish off this tip, don't forget to keep your eyes open on the trends of items that can sell fast and sell a lot on that date, which means that you can talk to suppliers to get a good price on the purchase and an even better one on the sale.

review all

Whether in your e-commerce or Mercado Livre, you need to think of your ad as if it were in your store window in a physical mall.

That is, competing for attention with countless other stores and other products.

And with that in mind, don't forget to review all the ad attributes, such as:

  • Are the title and description complete and leave no doubt?
  • At no point do you talk about promotions, discounts, free shipping or things like that that could harm your ad within the marketplaces?
  • Are the images clear and of good quality?
  • Is the product registered in the correct category?
  • Is the shipping price consistent with the product to be shipped, regardless of the quantity purchased by the consumer?

The faster and cheaper the better

According to All In's research with Opinion Box, 56% of consumers would give up buying because of the high shipping cost.

As is common today, we see deliveries on the same day or within 24 hours, things that did not occur in previous years.
No one wants to receive product in 7 days anymore, it's all for yesterday!

Therefore, ensure that your store has efficient logistics and manages to meet deadlines, as well as having one of the best prices compared to the competition.

After all, consumers are always looking for the best deal.

And this best offer is a combination of product value, shipping cost, delivery date and confidence in the store you are buying from.

Using solutions like Mercado Envios is a safe strategy to speed up your deliveries and ensure they happen on time.

So, evaluate which of the options: Mercado Envios Flex, Mercado Envios Full or Mercado Envios Coleta, make the most sense for your operation and let's sell!

Black Friday starts at the beginning of the year

Those who anticipate, participate!

Based on this principle, the seller who begins to prepare his operation from the beginning of the year to that date is guaranteed to be successful and to sell a lot.

From stock management and purchases, to the final sale.

Letting your audience know that your store will participate in Black Friday and that everyone can rest assured that they will find the best price for the products you sell within your e-commerce is the best way to start off on the right foot

What can get in the way of your Black Friday

In addition to everything we've already talked about and you're still wondering what can end your black friday, here's a very important point.

Resolve all technology issues ahead of time.

Depending on where your site is hosted and if you bring direct traffic to it, you can bet that this will definitely be bad for the amount of hits you will have on that date.

That's why having your ads on marketplaces like Mercado Livre is a safe way to ensure that your store is online.

black friday x christmas

Another question that may cross your mind is how to manage inventory on Black Friday, as Christmas comes practically afterwards.

Therefore, define the objectives of the two dates well, after all, however close they are, they are not the same thing.

Black Friday should not have the objective of liquidating everything, often the shopkeeper does not even make a profit.

It often serves to finish off the remaining stock once and for all.

Christmas is the opposite, the objective is to liquidate as much as possible and invest in products that are in great demand at the time.

Many e-commerces make the mistake of announcing promotions only on the day.

As important as it is, it's also extremely necessary to do marketing before Black Friday, as well as Christmas too.

As previously stated, build anticipation, announce that your e-commerce business will have amazing deals and that it's smart to stick around and see how much money can be saved by buying from you.

Remember, Brazilians are people who like affection.

With that, always be present with him, through ads on social networks, using Mercado Ads and also with nutrition posts and emails.

So, did you like the content?

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