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Having scheduled thank you messages for when a customer makes a purchase at your store within Mercado Livre is something spectacular.

This is one of the best ways to retain a customer who never bought from you.

After all, a programmed message, whether after placing the order or with information about what is happening with the customer's order, is an excellent way to conduct a conversation, as well as to generate even more trust.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, effective communication with customers is critical to business success.

Especially in marketplaces, where competition is fierce and customer expectations are high, it is essential to maintain a high level of customer service.

This is where scheduled messages come in, a powerful strategy to ensure your brand stands out.

In this article, we will explore how scheduled messages can boost your sales on marketplaces and how GoBots, the innovative artificial intelligence developed to answer questions in less than 2 minutes in pre- and post-sales of e-commerce, plays a crucial role in this scenario.

So how do I have this in my store within Mercado Livre or other marketplaces like Americanas, for example?

To have this functionality of messages programmed in post-sales that are triggered automatically, you need a tool like GoBots.

Well, unfortunately Mercado Livre, Americanas, among other marketplaces still do not offer this native functionality through their platform.

Therefore, I invite you to request a demo of our solution and see how messages programmed for your store would work.

1. Quick and Efficient Responses

Speedy responses are a determining factor in customer satisfaction.

Scheduled messages allow you to automatically respond to common customer queries, offering instant answers.

With GoBots, you can create highly personalized scheduled messages tailored to your customers' specific needs.

Whether it's a query about stock availability, product details or delivery times, GoBots can provide quick and accurate answers, saving time for both your customer service team and customers.

2. Personalization and Engagement

Scheduled messages can be personalized based on customers' purchasing history and preferences.

With GoBots, you can segment your messages based on accurate data, offering customers relevant product suggestions and exclusive promotions.

This personalization creates a more engaging and relevant shopping experience, increasing customer engagement and encouraging additional sales.

3. Efficient Management of Promotional Campaigns

During promotional campaigns, the demand for information can increase significantly.

Scheduled messages can be configured to provide information about special offers, discounts and promotions instantly.

With GoBots, you can automate the sending of these messages, ensuring customers are aware of the latest promotions, thus increasing the conversion rate.

4. After-Sales Service and Feedback

After-sales is a crucial part of the purchasing process.

After the sale, scheduled messages can be used to send thanks, request feedback, or provide delivery status information.

GoBots can automate this process, ensuring customers feel valued even after they make a purchase.

Furthermore, automatic feedback collection can provide valuable information to continually improve the products and services offered.

5. Reduction of Service Team Workload

By automating responses to common questions, scheduled messages significantly reduce the workload of your customer service team.

This allows team members to focus on more complex queries and interactions that require a human touch, providing more effective and personalized service when needed.

6. Multichannel Integration

GoBots is not limited to a single communication channel.

It can be integrated with different channels, such as marketplaces, own e-commerces, etc.

This ensures a consistent and effective presence across all customer touchpoints.

Regardless of the channel chosen by the customer, GoBots' scheduled messages guarantee a quick and cohesive response.

Benefits of scheduled messages

Messages programmed in your e-commerce post-sales service only have short and long-term benefits.

Here I will delve a little deeper into two of the main ones.

But, in this list of benefits of programmed messages we can mention: trust, security, interactivity, active communication, fidelity, transparency, among others.

Let's go to the main two.


Initially we like to mention one of the most important for the client, and that's why we put it at the top of our list.

Unfortunately, many people these days are afraid to buy online, and by sending these programmed messages on Mercado Livre you break that fear and guarantee the safety of that person's purchase.

That is, she loses her fear of canceling the order and even makes her call the next benefit, which is the benefit of buying again.

After all, if the person took the risk and bought it once and it worked, the person who is afraid to buy will definitely give preference to your store and not to another.


As I said earlier, the security benefit automatically ties in with this one.

Well, if you sell for the first time to a customer and everything went well with that sale, and your store also provided excellent service.

This customer will definitely buy from you again.

And now you must be wondering: Cool! And how do I insert these programmed messages in my Mercado Livre or Americanas Marketplace store?

Simple! The first step is to hire GoBots, then the rest is just following this step by step below or talking to the account executive responsible for your e-commerce so that he can guide you on this journey.

It's time to let our artificial intelligence take care of your store at Mercado Livre

How to register scheduled messages in Mercado Livre?

It is not new that artificial intelligence can also be very well used in post-sales using programmed messages with answers to questions from customers who do not know your store and have just bought there through a nationally known marketplace.

In addition, the mission of artificial intelligence in this case is to build confidence in your store and free up your attendants to handle calls that really demand greater complexity.

Within GoBots, you can register responses to the most recurring subjects, through messages programmed in after-sales.

Here below I will list the step by step on how to register them through our panel:

1st step

Click on your username in the top menu of the screen and go to Settings, then Scheduled messages.

2st step

In the side menu, choose which recurring subject you want to register.

Note that, currently, we already have the following pre-configured options:

  • schedule delivery
  • Thank
  • Malfunctions/Defect
  • Cancel/Return
  • tracking code
  • shipping discount
  • Gift wrapping
  • Invoice
  • New/used and original
  • Delivery forecast
  • shipping forecast
  • problem with tracking
  • general problems

3st step

Register the response for the status "Confirmed", "Paid", "Sent" and "Delivered"

Here, in this step, you can register different responses for each available status or use the same one, depending on your e-commerce needs.

Some practical examples for you to use for each occasion:

Confirmed order

“Your order has just been confirmed here in our system and we are waiting for payment to start packing your order for shipping. Any questions, just call us here. Sincerely Store Name”.

Order Paid

“The payment for your order has been successfully confirmed! Our team has already started preparing the purchased item(s) to ship as soon as possible. Any questions, just call us here. Sincerely Store Name”.

Order dispatched

"Incredible! Your order has already been sent and you will soon receive it at the registered address. Thank you for choosing us and if you have any questions, just call us here. Sincerely Store Name”.

Order Sent 2

"Hey, psiu! I know someone is happy out there because the order has arrived! Rate our store, as well as the product purchased. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to your next purchase with us. Sincerely Store Name”.

Remember that the maximum limit for each answer is 350 characters.

Therefore, be creative and customize the message with your store's face and with arguments that make your customer feel confident, safe and that they got the best deal buying in your store.

4st step

Click on “Save answers” ​​and repeat the 1st step if you need to register more scheduled messages

I want to edit or delete some scheduled response. What do I do?

Simply enter the desired scheduled message, edit the reply or delete it and then click on “Save replies”.

And then did you like this content?

Is your store prepared to provide, automatically, an exceptional service that will make your customer buy from you again and guarantee recurrence for your e-commerce?

Know that with GoBots, all these steps mentioned above, as well as many other things that make your e-commerce sell more on marketplaces, are passed on to you step by step by a team of specialists.

So, take the opportunity and request a demo by clicking here.


As e-commerce continues to thrive, communication efficiency becomes more crucial than ever.

Scheduled messaging, especially when powered by intelligent technologies like GoBots, is the key to creating exceptional customer service experiences on marketplaces.

By automating responses, personalizing messages, managing promotional campaigns and facilitating after-sales service, GoBots offers a comprehensive solution to meet growing customer demands and the complexities of the e-commerce landscape.

By adopting this innovative technology, you not only boost your sales on marketplaces, but also establish a standard of effective, customer-centric communication that is essential for continued success in the ever-evolving digital world.

Prepare for the future of efficient e-commerce communication with GoBots by your side.

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