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Artificial intelligence is one of the results of the great digital revolution we are experiencing, especially when we talk about e-commerce.

The goal when developing an AI is for the technology to be able to reproduce human intelligence to perform tasks and make decisions independently.

AI can process a huge volume of information and look for patterns that determine its choices, according to the way they were programmed.

There are several technologies involved in the artificial intelligence scenario, and they are present in the most varied segments of our daily lives, whether in emails, checking for possible spam and ads, in navigation apps calculating the most optimized route, in virtual assistants and even even in streaming apps, analyzing our consumption and defining the recommendations that fit our profile.

But after all, how to recognize that your business needs to implement artificial intelligence?

We of gobots we have separated some indications that can help serve as a thermometer for your business to enter the world of AIs once and for all.

It's time to multiply your sales

high customer demand

Nowadays it is the main factor to implement the use of AIs.

Because with the growth of visitors to your e-commerce, it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with all the hits.

It is common to lose sales for not being able to meet customer expectations, either due to delay in response time or even in the way the service was performed.

This is an almost unforgivable mistake these days, given an increasingly competitive market.

After all, with the use of artificial intelligence it is possible to respond to your customers instantly and humanely in less than 2 minutes.

For example, our AI uses advanced NLP and NLU (Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding) techniques, increasing your conversions and generating more satisfaction in your customer journey, also leading to a higher repurchase rate in your business.


To be present on the main marketplace platforms such as Mercado Livre, Americanas Marketplaces and Via, for example, is another important indicator.

We know that about 97% of visitors do not complete their purchases in the online environment.

This is due to several factors, but the main one is doubt.

Doubts regarding the cost of shipping, product characteristics or any other simple question to be answered, such as sending an invoice.

It is important to note that visitors spend on average less than 5 minutes within your website or advertisements within marketplaces.

Therefore, it is ideal that his/her doubt/question be answered immediately.

Otherwise, he can leave your e-commerce and access the competition in a few clicks.

And the fact that the user spends so little time on a page makes the competition for a sales conversion great.

So being among the best rated retailers in your category is essential to sell more and more, and artificial intelligence can also help you with that.

Response rates and customer satisfaction

This is essential to be a featured retailer, and with the instantaneous responsiveness of AIs, all of this is much easier and faster for you to sell more!

After all, when your store within the marketplaces responds within the stipulated period (within the SLA) automatically the algorithm from the marketplace understands that you are a trusted seller and are there to help the user purchase the product they want.

Therefore, investing in Artificial Intelligence can be essential for you to increase your conversion rate by more than 80%.

Now is the time to take advantage of every opportunity for your business.

And GoBots has Artificial Intelligence tools that will help you sell much more in different marketplaces and even in your e-commerce.

Any questions you have, please contact us by email. [email protected] and follow us on social media: Facebook , LinkedIn e Instagram.

The next store to increase sales by over 80% could be yours

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