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With the advancement of marketplaces in the Brazilian retail market, selling online is an increasing challenge.

Even more trying to offer a competitive shipping when compared to the big players.

At the same time as with the great competition within the platforms with thousands of sellers and the large flow of visitors, standing out is paramount.

Therefore, making shipping a competitive differentiator for your e-commerce can be one of the solutions for your business to sell more.

That is, within this great competition, standing out through the speed and value of freight logistics can be the differential to effect a conversion.

However, keep in mind that considering freight logistics is taking into account both deadlines and values, for example:

If a particular product costs 100 reais in stores X and Y, but in the first one its shipping price is 5 reais in 10 business days, while in store Y the service costs 8 reais, but with delivery within 3 business days, the lowest value is not always enough to convert a sale.

In this situation, if the customer is in a hurry to receive the product, or makes a comparison of “time x value of the product”, the chances of choosing store Y are great.

But after all, how to make shipping a competitive differentiator in your business?

In the same way that it is obvious that low price and reduced delivery time are differentials that jump out in the eyes of consumers.

Ensuring a structure that meets everything that was promised by your e-commerce is essential to sell more and more.

It's time to multiply your sales

So to have a freight as a competitive differential, here is the main tip:

Count on companies that are experts in shipping for e-commerces.

As is the case with Best Shipping, where you can quote simultaneously with several carriers and generate shipments with intelligent tracking in an integrated platform.

Through the use of the Melhor Envio platform, you can have a prepaid system for sending objects.

That is, it is not necessary to create a link of quantities or time of collaboration with the platform.

In other words, just complete your registration and top up the desired amount in your account.

In addition, Best Shipping allows you to centrally search for different carriers, with different values ​​and delivery times.

Definitely, thus offering greater variations in choices for its customers and better meeting their particular expectations and needs.

As well as waiting time and amount to be paid.

Finally, for you who are a GoBots customer, You have a guaranteed discount with Best Shipping in the first months and shipments.

Then access our partnerships page and be a Best Shipping customer you too!

The next store to increase sales by over 80% could be yours

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