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It is always important to be careful when training your artificial intelligence and to be aware of attitudes that may not be so efficient to help your AI to respond assertively to the demands of your customers.

And that's why we've separated two tips that can help improve the performance of your artificial intelligence.

1. Do not use ad information when training the robot

Most of the questions from users of e-commerce platforms are about the information that is already in the ad (attributes / description / title), the robot can access this information within the ad, it is only necessary that we do this training.

Given the large number of questions about these topics in the ad and the possibility of the robot being able to answer, training should always be prioritized, whose answer is constant in the ad.

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2. In the reviews: Do not put the correct answer that the robot should have sent to the customer (except in cases where the robot should not answer)

The review is something simpler, where the only concern is to fix the robot.

To correct with quality, we always need to know what the answer is, that you, a gobots customer, wanted to have been sent to your customer in that case where the robot made a mistake, that is, avoid putting things like: “Wrong answer!” , “That's not what the customer asked”, “the customer asked about x and not about y”.

When a review is sent to change the robot's answer, we already know that it was not satisfactory, what we really need to know is which answer in that case would be satisfactory

Investing in Artificial Intelligence can be critical for you to increase your conversion rate by more than 80%.

Now is the time to take advantage of every opportunity for your business and GoBots has Artificial Intelligence tools that will help you sell much more on different marketplaces and even in your e-commerce.

Any questions you have, please contact us by email. [email protected] and follow us on social media: Facebook , LinkedIn e Instagram.

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