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Today we have the new post, from the series of publications of the #GenteGoBots interviews, where we bring our collaborators to talk a little about their experience with us and especially tell you a little more about themselves.

Today's guest is Tatiani Meneghini, Tati, who told us a little about her trajectory and also what it's like to be Jr Software Developer here at GoBots!

1 – Where are you from and age?

I'm 31 years old and I was born in São Paulo but grew up in the countryside, in Mogi Mirim. I returned to live in São Paulo for 10 years and, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I have returned to live in Mogi Mirim.

2 – What led you to pursue this career?

My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts (Portuguese and Spanish) from USP and I had many professional experiences in the areas of education and culture. In 2018, I got in touch with some projects that encourage women in technology and I started to get interested in the topic. I have a very curious mind and any knowledge and information have always been subjects that interested me. As the Information Technology area is immense, it took me some time to understand all the possibilities of working with technology. From that interest, I started to take some courses in programming logic, with a focus on software development. In 2019, I took my first course in the Python language and soon after I started the bootcamp focusing on Back-end at Reprograma. THE Reprogram is an excellent social project with the objective of reducing the gap of developers, offering bootcamps and free courses aimed at all women (cis and trans). With this support network among women (classmates, teachers and monitors), I had the opportunity to study technical skills as a dev and also as a professional to enter this job market. Meeting some women developers who became a reference for me, encouraged me to make this career transition.

3 – What moment are you most proud of within GoBots?

I believe it was participating in the process of creating a new product gobots, at the end of 2021. I participated in some of the decisions together with the team, reading a lot of the documentation to know how the approval process would be done, after actually developing this new product was very interesting and I realized how much I had another understanding about the which means thinking and proposing new solutions as a developer. It also helped me to understand how creativity and innovation can go hand in hand with technical knowledge.

4 - When you are not working, what do you like to do?

I really like literature, cinema and music, so I'm always dedicating myself to these hobbies in my spare time. I practice physical activity and yoga, which moves my body and mind. I also like to share moments with my family and friends. And whenever I can, I like to travel to discover new places, visit museums, libraries, parks and squares, etc.

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5 -Who inspires you and why?

Besides my parents, my biggest inspiration is my sister. She has always been an inspiration to me regarding studies, with all her dedication and focus.

It was with her that I acquired the habit of reading, one of my hobbies. She was also the first person in our family to go to a public university and showed me that it was possible to fulfill the dream of continuing to study, through student permanence allowances in a city as expensive and unequal as São Paulo.

I started my studies at a public university and fully experienced the university and academic environment. With your support, I managed to make another dream come true, which was to do an exchange program, in mid-2012.

6 – Tell us one of your dreams.

One of my dreams is to be able to travel many places in the world, to know different cultures, languages ​​and ways of understanding the world and life.

7 – What are your interests in free time?

During the pandemic I started learning to skate, it was a very new experience. I always found these challenges of overcoming my fears or even learning to do something for the first time interesting.

Skateboarding is a little off but I really liked the feeling of freedom, as well as riding a bike or even driving, which I still do today.

8 – What is it like to be a female developer at GoBots?

Overall, being a developer is very challenging and out of my comfort zone, which requires a lot of dedication and patience with my learning process.

Here at GoBots I realize that the support of co-workers who value your growth and achievements is essential! In addition to being willing to ask and also offer help, it allows us to improve the quality of our solutions.

We currently have a larger group of developers at GoBots and we try to meet monthly to create this support network and see more and more women grow.

9 – What do you like most about gobots?

The GoBots culture is the biggest differentiator, we have autonomy to do our tasks, openness in discussing and proposing new solutions and a lot of flexibility at work.

An open mind makes it possible for everyone to feel respected. With a focus on professional growth, GoBots really encourages every goboter to develop more skills.

I feel owned and valued with all my skills and in everything I can learn.

10 – How important is the inclusion of diversity for you, and how to seek it?

For me, diversity is essential to improve our understanding of our society, which is plural.

Inclusion is a necessary way to effect this change.
As a woman, I realize that encouraging and providing the means for them to develop professionally and personally was something that also helped me to be where I am today.

As a person belonging to the community LGBTQIA +, I realize that there is a lot of invisibility, especially if we think about certain groups within the community, such as trans people. On the labor issue, many of these people are marginalized and do not even have access to jobs, even if inclusive.

In addition, Brazil as a diverse country still suffers from structural racism and when we analyze salaries and positions, it is even more difficult to see black people and indigenous peoples at the top of organizations or companies - which is no longer the time to fulfill as a society .

So I believe that providing opportunities is the most important thing, there must be an incentive that comes from the base, through education and qualification, also enabling people to grow internally, offering a healthy environment, with respect and appreciation, in addition to leadership projects to make each more and more common technical and leadership references.

Remembering that #GenteGoBots is a space where we bring our employees to talk a little about their experience with us and especially tell you a little more about themselves.

Any questions you have, please contact us by email. [email protected] and follow us on social media: Facebook , LinkedIn e Instagram.

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