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Contrary to what many may think, artificial intelligence is not something futuristic or distant from our reality, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly present in our daily lives.

Even without realizing it, when you browse the homepage of your favorite social network or ask for that little help from your smartphone's virtual assistant, you are already making use of artificial intelligence.

And these are just some of the types of use that this technology shows in our daily lives.

And as much as it may seem to be an element of the 1956st century, artificial intelligence had its beginnings in XNUMX, created by scientists Allan Newel and Herbert A. Simon, through the Logic Theorist (LT) program, which was designed to use human techniques in Problems solution.

Many consider that the creation of the duo can be considered the first artificial intelligence.

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Since then, a lot has changed, including the use of AIs in our daily lives.

The automation of processes and humanoid robots as we see in movies is a small and discreet part of the influence that artificial intelligence is present in our routine.

Social media and music apps use AI to define searches and recommendations personalized to each user, the famous GPS also uses AI to plot the best route through real-time information and so on…

The job market directly related to AIs has been growing in several countries.

Brazil more than doubled the number of hirings compared to 2015.

In the United States, the percentage of total jobs posted online went from 0.7% in 2010 to 0,28%.

In the case of machine learning, the index went from the same initial level a decade ago to 0,5%.

The growth has been taking place mainly in the areas of high technology (such as information), finance and insurance, industry and support for resource management.

It is important to realize that AIs are already a “one-way street”, as their main objective is to automate our routine and facilitate coexistence, whether through smart electronic devices or replacing human labor in obsolete jobs, such as telemarketing, sales, queries systems or serve as pre-service in any branch of activity.

Have you ever stopped to think that you have been using Artificial Intelligence almost daily and didn't realize it?

As stated earlier, AI is not the future but the present.

Make the most of it to optimize your time, have more fluid processes and organize your routine.

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