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People all over the world work on the development of artificial intelligence

Daily these people seek to bring a little bit of the human brain, which is something very complex, so that a machine can replicate it.

And here in this content we are going to talk a little about our artificial intelligence for e-commerces.

Details of how our artificial intelligence works, what helps it to develop and what we have achieved as a result since 2016.

But before we start, it's good to get everyone on the same page, from the basic principle of what artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the capabilities of the human mind to solve problems and make decisions.

It broadly refers to any human-like behavior displayed by a machine or system.

In the most basic form of artificial intelligence, computers are programmed to “mimic” human behavior using extensive data from previous examples of similar behavior.

It can range from recognizing differences between a car and a bus to performing complex activities such as answering a customer's question in an e-commerce.

It's time to let our artificial intelligence take care of your store at Mercado Livre

GoBots Artificial Intelligence

GoBots artificial intelligence specializes in answering questions about e-commerce products.

It is able to identify what the user's question was for, what terms that user used, including misspelled words, and the product specifications of the ad itself.

With the AI's understanding of the question, we were able to create response conditions.

It should be noted that operating in the market since 2016, GoBots has managed to improve its artificial intelligence to respond with data that is beyond those described above.

You can also use the history of previously answered questions in your store and also use databases not included in the ads.

This is all possible thanks to a dedicated team and a scientific partnership with the largest university in Latin America, Unicamp.

The progression of AI

The GoBots AI is highly customizable and can adapt to different types of stores.

Some more easily and others with a little more technical specificity.

These differences between stores can affect the learning time of artificial intelligence, because as a new and personalized technology, it also has limitations.

For a better understanding of our artificial intelligence we will make an analogy with a child.

When a customer contracts with GoBots, that customer's AI will be more basic, like a child learning to walk/talk.

Later, as time passes and she receives training and corrections, she ends up getting smarter and making fewer mistakes.

In this way, artificial intelligence can respond more and more assertively.

And here it is also worth mentioning one more important point.

Because GoBots artificial intelligence has learning that can vary.

Because the more complicated the e-commerce products and/or the form of service, the longer it will take to achieve good results.

But one thing is guaranteed, the result arrives and it is much more worthwhile than hiring an entire service team.

After all, as long as it takes, our artificial intelligence will never resign from your e-commerce, take a vacation or even get sick.

Jokes aside, it is essential that you understand that here at GoBots we have specialists who carry out effective training of our artificial intelligence on a daily basis.

This attitude benefits all e-commerces from the most varied segments that use our AI.

In addition to ensuring a higher conversion in sales, a reduction in your store's response time and an increase in the participation of artificial intelligence in the questions received daily.

This way of innovating customer service using artificial intelligence has a high potential and positively impacts e-commerces.

So what are you waiting for to implement in yours?

Request a demo and see how it would work in practice for your store.

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