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Use the Question and Answer (Q&A) module to increase sales conversion and provide a better shopping experience for your customer

Consumer behavior has changed, more and more people are buying online, with that, questions and answers have become an essential resource for them and e-commerce.



increased conversion for website visitors who interact with Q&A content


of consumers read questions and answers


of shoppers are suspicious of a product or brand without Q&A content

What are questions and answers?

Q&A allows consumers to ask questions about the products they are interested in purchasing.

This is an excellent mechanism for quickly responding to questions that are preventing your customer from buying.

This increases conversions and traffic to your product pages.

Why use Q&A?

It increases sales conversion by taking questions from your consumers in real time.

It generates the effect of a content platform, that is, customer questions and answers contain the most searched terms, making the product page more relevant to your e-commerce SEO.

You begin to understand the main causes of purchase abandonment and consumer interests, to improve ads.

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“For our website, it is very important to have a mechanism to answer our customers' questions about the products. The GoBots software allows us to interact and answer our users' queries and increase our sales conversion, all in a quick and easy way! We are very satisfied with the platform and with the partnership.”

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38% of consumers who ask questions on product pages, end up making a purchase.

Our Artificial Intelligence answering for your store

From the simplest to the most complex questions, let our artificial intelligence sell through your store and increase your revenue.

We have a trained neural network of more than 150 million examples and cutting edge technology to understand more specific questions.


Have an exclusive service panel

  • Plug and play;
  • Manage the service of your store and marketplaces in a single place;
  • Sales reports;
  • Real-time analytics;
  • Away message settings;
  • Improvements in artificial intelligence responses;
  • Service automation.

Join over 500 customers who already trust us

Turn questions into sales!

The interaction between companies and consumers can increase by up to 3 times the percentage of sales. See how to take advantage of this benefit with gobots!