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Autoresponders on MercadoLibre are a useful tool to increase a seller's sales.

Because they allow your store to respond quickly to questions and requests from potential buyers without having to be online all the time.

Here below, I will mention some ways in which automatic replies, or better said, the status messages can help your e-commerce to sell more in Mercado Livre.

Remembering that status message works only in me1.

Increasing response speed

The faster a seller responds to a question, the more likely the buyer is to choose to shop with them.

Autoresponders allow the MercadoLibre seller to respond quickly and efficiently, which can increase buyer confidence and increase the chances of a sale.

Providing important information

Autoresponders can be set up to provide important information about the product, such as price, availability, shipping and payment methods.

This can help clarify buyers' doubts and speed up the purchase decision.

As well as reassuring the customer who has just purchased from your store.

Offering trading options

Autoresponders can be set up to offer bargaining options, such as discounts or freebies, to encourage shoppers to close the sale or purchase more than once from your store.

Automating the sales process

Autoresponders can also be set up to send automated messages to buyers after the sale, such as purchase confirmation, shipping information, and usage instructions.

This can help streamline the sales process and free the salesperson to focus on other, more important tasks.

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Are there automated after-sales messages at Mercado Libre?

Certainly there are some automatic messages that can be sent in the after-sales service at Mercado Livre.

After all, that's the best way to maintain good relationships with buyers and encourage positive reviews.

Now I'm going to mention some types of automatic messages that our customers usually set up in their stores to gain more positive reviews and consequently sell more.

Thanks for ordering

Thank the buyer for placing the order and confirming that it has been processed and forwarded for shipment.

This is an excellent way to build customer loyalty and make them buy more than once in your e-commerce.

Either through Mercado Livre or even on your official domain.

Shipping Information

Send a message informing the buyer that the product has been shipped, including the tracking number and estimated delivery time.

This reassures the buyer and avoids the headache with those who are “in a hurry”.

order delivered

Earlier I mentioned this briefly, but it's always good to reinforce.

Let the buyer know when the order has been delivered and ask them to confirm receipt.

After all, a satisfied customer is a customer with the purchase he made in his hands.

Request evaluated

This is very important!

Both for your product to gain more prominence, as well as for your store to be better positioned.

After all, the more well-evaluated products, the more highlighted and with the possibility of being clicked on your store will be.

Therefore, request a buyer's evaluation of the purchase and the product purchased.

This helps to improve your profile as a seller on Mercado Livre and increases buyers' confidence.

Questions or problems

It is essential that your store offers support to the buyer in case he has questions or problems with the purchased product.

It shows that you care about your customers' satisfaction.

So, start using this and all of the strategies mentioned above in your e-commerce business today.

Configuring automatic messages in the GoBots panel

It is possible to activate automatic messages in Mercado Livre after sales.

This way, you can inform your customers when there are changes in order and delivery status.

Learn how to configure them following the step by step below:

1st step

Choose whether you want to register the same automatic messages for all stores (Standard tab) or if you want to register different automatic messages for each store (tab for each of the stores that were linked).

2st step

On the right side, click on the “Inactive” icon so that it becomes “Active” and you can enable the option to register automatic messages.

3st step

Register the automatic messages in the status of the order or the shipment that you want.

Currently order statuses are: status changed to “canceled”, “confirmed”, “invalid”, “paid”, “partially paid”, “payment in process”, “invalid”, “paid”, “partially paid” , “payment in process” and “payment required”.

Just like today, shipping statuses are: status changed to “canceled”, “delivered”, “shipping handling”, “undelivered”, “pending”, “ready to ship”, “sent”, and “ to match”.

But be aware that the limit is 350 characters.

4st step

Click "Save".

It's very easy to configure automatic messages on GoBots, isn't it?

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