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HotSale is an event with unmissable promotions that takes place annually, being an excellent opportunity to increase sales and attract new customers.

And, to be successful on that occasion, it is essential to have the best strategies and tools.

In this article, you'll discover how to sell more on Mercado Livre during HotSale using GoBots, the perfect solution to improve customer service and boost your sales!

What is GoBots and why is it important at HotSale?

GoBots is a artificial intelligence solution for online stores to boost their sales, designed especially to answer questions about products, both in e-commerce and in retailers that sell in marketplaces such as Mercado Livre.

It works as an extension of your sales and service team, automatically responding to customer inquiries and helping you close deals quickly and efficiently.

During HotSale, the flow of questions and demands from customers tends to increase considerably.

Therefore, relying on GoBots can make all the difference.

Here are some reasons for you to consider this tool:

  • Quick and efficient service: GoBots responds to customer messages in real time, ensuring customers get the information they need quickly.
  • 24/7 availability: artificial intelligence is always available to assist customers, even outside business hours or on holidays.
  • Cost reduction: GoBots help lower costs with service teams and increase the efficiency of the sales process.
  • Improved customer experience: By offering fast and accurate service, GoBots contributes to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Now that you know what GoBots are and their importance in HotSale, check out the tips on how to use them to sell more!

It's time to let our artificial intelligence answer for your store in Mercado Livre!

Tips to sell more at Mercado Livre at HotSale with GoBots

1. Train your artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence of GoBots constantly learns from the interactions it performs, but it is important to provide information and train it to answer specific questions related to products and promotions from HotSale.

Then, take the time to educate the AI ​​about the discounts and special offers you plan to offer during the event.

2. Set up automatic responses to frequently asked questions

Identify the most frequently asked questions that customers ask during the HotSale and set up automatic responses to these questions in GoBots.

Because this will ensure that artificial intelligence can respond quickly and accurately, improving the customer experience and increasing the chance of conversion.

3. Monitor GoBots performance

Track the performance of your artificial intelligence during the HotSale, analyzing metrics such as response time, conversion rate and value generated in sales.

So, use this information to adjust and optimize GoBots as needed, ensuring that it is always providing the best possible service and contributing to increased sales.

4. Make your presence known 24/7 to customers

Let customers know that you are available to help them during the HotSale.

Therefore, use banners, pop-ups and messages on social networks to highlight your presence and encourage them to ask questions and obtain information about promotions.

The more customers interact with GoBots, the greater the chance you will sell more during the event.

5. Promote an omnichannel service

GoBots is an excellent tool to offer a omnichannel service to your customers.

In addition to operating in Mercado Livre, it can be integrated with other sales and communication platforms, ensuring that customers receive consistent and quality service, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with your store.


HotSale is an unmissable opportunity for e-commerces to increase their sales and gain new customers.

With GoBots, you will have a powerful ally to optimize customer service and boost your results during this event.

Finally, follow the tips presented in this article, invest in GoBots and get ready to sell more on Mercado Livre in the next HotSale.

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