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We have a lot of news to make your service even more optimized on Mercado Livre.

So get ready, we'll list them one by one below so you can stay up to date with everything 🙂

1- ID of the questions in information

It is now possible to observe the ID of the questions you receive within the ML in the information tab in the question.

It is also possible to identify the ID of the questions in the export of the file in .csv.

This means that your customer service team can know all the information in that question, as well as gaining agility when creating specific reports for your company.

Question ID-min

2- Sending suggestions

Add more features when suggesting an answer to our artificial intelligence.

In this way, our AI becomes even more assertive and your store sells much more on Mercado Livre.

This saves your support team time to complete other tasks, instead of stopping to answer questions.

Send Suggestions-min

3- Tracking link

Now you can view your customer's order tracking link within our dashboard, in the order information tab.

This will make the artificial intelligence and your service team have more information and gain speed in the after-sales service of Mercado Livre.


4- Store name

So you don't get lost in which Mercado Livre store you are working on, it is possible to configure the name of each one of them.

With this new feature, your team will be able to organize itself better and have more time to answer questions and requests from stores.

Store Name-min

5- Download files

Do you know when the customer sends a photo of how the product he bought through Mercado Livre arrived?

Or some file such as: proof of payment, invoice, etc.?

Now inside the GoBots panel, you can download these files that are sent by your customers.

See the step by step below:


6- Suggestion status

If you were in doubt whether your suggestion for our artificial intelligence was sent, now you don't have to worry anymore!

Now your support team will have exclusive access to our team's feedback regarding the status of that suggestion.

GoBots Feedback on Min-Suggestions

7- Shortcuts from @comprimento

Configure the @comprimento shortcut to act both in the pre and post sales of your store.

With this, your team of attendants can have much more agility to answer the specific questions of your customers in Mercado Livre.

shortcuts @greeting-min

8- More information when submitting the suggestion

When you suggest something to our artificial intelligence, you will have more information at hand.

As is the case of viewing the question on which you are making the suggestion.

This ensures that your service team is more assertive and does not make mistakes when suggesting something to our artificial intelligence.

After all, the more you train our panel, the more questions we will answer for your store on Mercado Livre.

Display the question in the Suggestion Modal in the 1st Step-min

9- Complaint screen

Returns don't have to be a problem!

Within the GoBots panel on the complaint screen you have access to more information such as:

  • shipping ID;
  • Return tracking;
  • Shipping tracking;
  • Estimated return date.
Returns (More information)-min

In addition, it is also possible to filter information from open returns.

min-filter returns

As well as downloading this information in CSV for internal control.

CSV-min returns

10- Billing report

What is not measured cannot be improved.

And it is based on this that now in our analysis screen you have access to billing reports.

This report shows the cumulative sales made at your Mercado Livre store in the selected period.

Analysis Billing Report-min

11- Sales quantity report

Who owns an e-commerce that sells on marketplaces and has never been asked the typical question:

So how much did you sell this month?

Now it's easier to answer this one!

With our sales quantity report, you can view a graph with the total items sold within Mercado Livre.

And all this in a few clicks and within a single place, the GoBots dashboard.

Analysis Quantity of Sales-min

12- Percentage of responses that convert into sales

It would be magical to know if that time you spent answering the customer actually converted into sales, wouldn't it?

Now within our dashboard it is possible to follow this!

Within reports, you have the option to view the graph of percentage of responses that converted to sales after being sent to customers.

In addition to showing the amount of sales made by our artificial intelligence and its service team within Mercado Livre.

Analysis Percentage of Responses that Convert to Min Sales

13 - Sound notification

Activate the bell and we have notification for your service team!

To speed up your service even more, now when your store receives a question, we will notify you with an audible signal.

Ply! 🎶

14 - Messages of Absence

Are you going to take a few days off, enjoy the weekend or amend the long holiday?

Let GoBots answer for you!

To do this, simply configure your away messages.

First, select whether it will be pre- or post-sale, the days of the week and, finally, the times when it should be triggered.

**See here the step by step to configure your away message

Absence-min Messages

In pre-sales away messages, it is also possible to configure the response time for a certain message.

Absent Messages Response time-min

American Panel


1- Analysis at Home

The analysis panel, which was previously available only for Mercado Livre, is now available for merchants who operate in Americanas Marketplace and have this module contracted with GoBots.


2- Filters

Within the pre-sale of the Americanas Marketplace module, it is possible to filter all the questions that are “without tags” registered.


So did you like the improvements?

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