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As in local commerce, reputation is essential to bring more security and reliability to your customers and in the Mercado Livre it wouldn't be different.

The better the merchant's reputation, that is, if the thermometer is in the "dark green", the seller increases his sales opportunities and benefits from the platform.

To reach the maximum level of Mercado Livre's reputation, merchants need to meet some requirements of excellence of the platform, in addition to, of course, receiving good reviews from their customers.

But after all, what does the reputation in the Mercado Libre?

Reputation is the way the marketplace uses to measure the service that sellers provide to users. To arrive at the seller's note, Meli uses criteria such as:

  • Claims;
  • Sales canceled by the seller;
  • Delayed dispatches.

Depending on the performance of these criteria, the reputation thermometer gains a color: red, orange, yellow, light green and dark green. From the worst to the lowest grade consequently

How is reputation assessed?

From the fifth successful delivery, each seller starts to have a reputation score. The evaluation is done daily, but the marketplace can analyze sellers taking into account two different periods that vary according to sales volume:

  • When the seller reaches or exceeds 60 completed sales, the evaluation is based on the last 60 days.
  • When the seller has less than 60 completed sales, the rating is based on the last 365 days.

A good reputation is one of the ways that Mercado Livre's customers find out that a purchase is more likely to be quality and safe.
Therefore, for your ads to appear in a prominent position in searches, and consequently an increase in conversions for your business. Besides, of course, reaching a prominent position in the marketplace, even becoming an official store

It's time to multiply your sales

Through the evaluation criteria offered by Meli, it is possible to know what to avoid and what to do to positively differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
Apply methods to avoid customer complaints

Claims must not exceed 3% of a seller's total sales. Mercado Livre itself reports that most of the complaints are due to errors in product information.

Therefore, offering ads with transparent and organized information is essential to avoid problems with consumers.

Use real and high quality photos, correctly register the characteristics, fill in the technical sheet and inform the quantity of the item available in stock.

Meeting the submission deadline is essential

Late delivery of orders is a serious violation on Mercado Livre that directly impacts the reputation of sellers.
Therefore, it is essential to have an organized operation, trained staff and an effective method to easily organize incoming orders.
Avoid canceling orders

When the seller cancels an order, his reputation on Mercado Livre can be harmed. Generally, the main reason for a seller to cancel an order is a failure to count the stock.

Invest in ads to increase your sales

The higher the sales volume, the more reviews the seller receives to boost their reputation on Meli. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in ads on the platform itself, in addition, it is very important to be aware of health of your ads to understand its effectiveness.

Invest in decreasing your response time

After all, time and response rate are important requirements for a better reputation for your business within Mercado Livre.
The use of artificial intelligence, such as gobots, is essential to reduce the average response time, optimizing the work of your team and creating a reliable standard of information to customers, is undoubtedly the best solution to this issue.

The next store to increase sales by over 80% could be yours