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We call it Artificial Intelligence when a technology performs actions similar to a human, considered in some way intelligent.

Like for example:

  • Chatbots that use artificial intelligence to solve customer problems as quickly as possible;
  • Chatbots that offer more assertive responses;
  • Virtual assistants like, alexa, crab, among others, that use AI to solve everyday problems according to the user's day-to-day.

Within Artificial Intelligence we have Natural Language Processing, an area that combines computing and linguistics that seeks to automatically extract meaning from human sentences.

As much as AI references human-like robot images, it is meant to help and contribute to our society, not replace.

And that's exactly what makes artificial intelligence so valuable in the world of e-commerce.

But how does this work and what is the current potential of the technology?

If we compare machine intelligence with human intelligence, we see that computers still have a long way to go.

Throughout our evolutionary process, machines today can be compared to the reptilian brain.

what is artificial intelligence brain reovlution

This brain does not yet feel emotions and is only capable of promoting simple reflexes.

It is driven by rules created by the process of natural selection, not real learning.

Therefore, developing and applying Natural Language Processing solutions in practice, such as chatbots, sentimental analysis, is far from simply giving life to a robot that will respond and learn from messages, but an intense process of evolution and allied training. the connection with information bases and other systems.

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Possible applications

Among the applications of Artificial Intelligence are: video and image processing (used in autonomous cars), personal assistants (Siri) and automatic customer service.

Therefore, to explain more about this intelligence, we are going to detail what we have know-how about and what we are currently working on in our application.

Artificial Intelligence on your Marketplace

Artificial Intelligence is still a difficult application, which involves a lot of integration and training work, which slows down and delays the adoption of the technology.

Thinking about this challenge, we at GoBots created an Artificial Intelligence solution aimed at marketplaces, such as Mercado Livre, Americanas Marketplace and VIA.

Where she performs customer service throughout the purchase journey, answering questions and generating insights for managers.

In just 6 months we have processed more than 2 million messages about various products and orders (cell phones, books, tires, sneakers, car flashlights, tools, etc.).

At GoBots, we accelerate the evolution of our technology with the following actions:

  • We have entered into memory a base of 1,7 million products with their most requested information;
  • We integrate with marketplaces and carriers so AI knows order and delivery information;
  • We analyze customer service best practices, so our artificial intelligence also acts proactively.
  • As a result, we were able to answer more than 50% of questions with 95% of assertiveness, a result above the industry average.
  • We are present in the biggest stores like Adidas, Fast shop, Dell, Multilaser, Madeira Madeira among others.

So if you have any questions about AI just send an email to [email protected].

And if you are interested in using our solution, just talk to one of our experts. by clicking here.

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